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Welcome to the Maine Occupational Therapy Association (MeOTA)! 

MeOTA is actively working to advance the profession of Occupational Therapy in Maine, and help to protect OT from external threats. We're currently enhancing all the great reasons Maine's occupational therapists join together to become MeOTA.  We invite you to become a member anensure that OT remains a strong, viable profession for those who will need our services in the future.

Members can use our web features to share ideas and expertise, collaborate on projects – and, stay informed about important policy, news and advocacy in Maine and in the country. Once you sign in (the top right menu) visit your member profile page and adjust settings according to your preferences and connect with others in this important profession. 


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Membership Costs:

$50 for Occupational Therapists
$45 for Occupational Therapy Assistants
$20 for Students
$30 Retired Occupational Therapists
$25 Retired Occupational Therapy Assistants


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Meet, network, discuss and share with others in your area of interest! Learn more about our SIS groups, a member benefit of MeOTA. 

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GET INVOLVED- see our open positions and apply!


MeOTA is doing some great things- there's only one thing missing... YOU!  Come get involved and support Occupational Therapy in the state of Maine!

GET INVOLVED- see our open positions and apply!

GET INVOLVED- see our open positions and apply! 

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Learn more here about what's going on in OT in the legislature.

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Active communication is very important to grow your organization and make a difference. You can always visit
our membership academy at our website for more information.

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