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description of occupational therapy

Occupational Therapy is a skilled profession which enables people of any social circumstance, age, ability, injury and/or disease  to engage in meaningful life activities – the OCCUPATIONS of life. 

Want to know more about Occupational Therapy?  Click here for more information.

Listen to a discussion about Occupational Therapy on Maine Calling, March, 2018.


MISSION: The mission of MeOTA is to promote the profession of Occupational Therapy and support all Occupational Therapy practicioners in the state of Maine. 

VISION STATEMENT: MeOTA will be a thriving network of collaborative members who advocate for, volunteer, lead, and protect the practice of Occupational Therapy in the state of Maine. 

Why your membership matters

The Maine Occupational Therapy Association is actively working to advance the profession of Occupational Therapy in Maine, and help to protect OT from external threats. Imagine what would happen if reimbursement for our services disappeared. Or, if other healthcare professionals began doing the work OT practitioners are highly qualified to perform? Or, if the profession was locked out of practicing in health and wellness or any emerging practice area where clients can benefit from OT?

As professionals we have an obligation for lifelong learning. Participating and supporting our professional organizations is a basic responsibility to ensure that we are prepared to provide the best care for our clients and to ensure that OT remains a strong, viable profession for those who will need our services in the future. Your membership to the Maine OT Association supports the following efforts:

  • Funding for a lobbyist to monitor and assist with legislative efforts in Augusta, ensuring Occupational Therapy is included and represented in key legislation
  • Opportunities for continuing education, including 2 one-day conferences a year.
  • Providing opportunities for networking with other OT professionals through regional workshops and special interest sections
  • Creating opportunities for volunteer leadership


  "Conference (Spring, 2018) was a great time to network with peer, meet new OTs and get access to new information!" 


Meet the team behind MeOTA- and reach out to join us! All are welcome at MeOTA board meetings, held monthly.  Check the events page for the next meeting!



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