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Scoliosis Classification and Specific Exercises

  • 12 Feb 2020

Scoliosis Classification and Specific Exercises


Scoliosis affects up to 5% of the population. That means 5 out of every 100 patients a therapist treats will have scoliosis. In addition, more patients with scoliosis will complain of back pain than those without scoliosis. It can be theorized that an even higher population of patients with scoliosis will present to a therapist for back pain.


Few therapists have received training to recognize and classify scoliosis both clinically or with imaging and do not incorporate a scoliosis specific treatment plan into their plan of care. This workshop will teach therapists how to clinically classify scoliosis and incorporate scoliosis specific exercises into a plan of care. Participants will take home a skill set they can start using the next Monday they return to clinic as well as a solid base to further their exploration of a scoliosis specific exercises.




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